Reasons Why 3D Exteriors Are Important?

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Reasons Why 3D Exteriors Are Important? Any kind of architectural project has many different steps to it. Before a project even begins it is important to know what it is going to look like. 3D exterior renderings are a great way to get a visual of the exterior of a project.

The 3D exteriors that are rendered by experts can do a lot for your project. Let’s take a look at all of the benefits that you can find.

3D Exteriors: Important in Real Estate Sales

Impress The Client

For architects that are looking to impress a client, there are very few ways to do it better than to arrive with 3D Exterior designs. Blueprints and drawings are great, but they can only take the imagination so far.  When the client gets to see a visualization of what the finished project could look like, they get impressed.

3D Exteriors

Beyond that, a 3D rendering helps to make your company look more professional. It shows that you know what you are doing and have the tools to get the job done.

Get Everyone On One Page

During the design phase of a project, one of the most common problems is that the client will have one idea of their needs and the architect another. This isn’t an unusual thing as they both speak different technical languages. Using 3D exteriors you are able to ensure that all parties are on the same page.

Identify Project Flaws

Utilizing the 3D exterior designs you can quickly identify the different aspects of your project. That means that you can discover if there are any potential flaws. Having a rendering allows you to see both structural and visual flaws that you may have missed up until that point. Some problems you can only see once a project is visualized.

Catching flaws before completing the project can save all parties involved a large amount of money.

Finalize The Project

In many cases a project isn’t done at the point that a 3D exterior is created. The rendering itself can be used to not only find flaws but decide on final parts of the project such as lighting. One of the great parts of a rendering is that it is digital, that means that it can still be edited and lighting can be changed.

Being able to decide factors such as lighting location, power, and amount is a lot cheaper to do when you are working with a 3D exterior. That way you don’t have to keep changing drawings or testing out physical products. You also save a significant amount of time.

Lighting isn’t the only aspect that can be tweaked. You can also tweak paint color, material, decorative items (i.e. plants), and many other things. This alone can make a 3D rendering worth the cost.

Sell The Design

Sometimes a company will need to raise money in order to completely fund a project. Whether that is from donors or from investors, having 3D exteriors can help to sell the project. If you bring blueprints and a description to a meeting, people aren’t likely to be impressed.

Bring professionally crafted 3D exterior renderings of your project though, and you can inspire confidence and win investors over.

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Investors aren’t the only ones that you might need to sell your design to. Many businesses and other projects require clients to be publically open about their project. Whether it is to create acceptance with the public or to otherwise advertise their project. 3D exterior renderings are great for that purpose.

More Affordable Than Ever

Getting a 3D exterior rendering used to be fairly expensive. A number of factors have driven prices down to much more reasonable figures. The benefits listed above all outweigh the costs of have a 3D design. In fact, it could cost you the project not to have one.

Architectural projects are not small under takings. Many different steps go into making these projects perfect.  For architects and other building professionals, sometimes you need to get an extra effort to your projects. 3D exteriors help you to do it. These computer made renderings are above and beyond what clients go in looking for. They are also one of the best visualization tools out there.

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